If you are a teacher of French as a foreign language, or German, Spanish, or Italian, www.language-teachers.org is a teachers website just for you.
It offers you specifics courses for teachers of foreign languages, including teachers pedagogical resources, and information to prepare a language study abroad program with your students .
Immersion language courses for your students are also provided for all ages : programs for teens, juniors, adults, and business people.
You will find lot of other useful information in this teachers website: come and have a look at the Teacher Jobs offers, the main conferences on foreign languages, or the useful websites about teachers associations and federations. Share your ideas and opinions with other worldwide teachers on the Forum.
www.language-teachers.org has been created by 4 language schools situated in Spain, Italy, Austria and France, specialized in the teaching of foreign languages. As they receive all kinds of learners with different needs and different backgrounds (adults, young learners, teachers, business people), their teachers have developed a wide range of pedagogical materials and teaching techniques to suit each learner's objectives whatever their language level is.
Our courses for teachers aim to help teachers who wish to develop their knowledge and skills, and adapt to ever-changing teaching contexts, so as to improve or enhance their normal classroom practices.


Insegnanti d’Italiano
La scuola
Formazione per professori
Corsi per studenti
Soggiomo in gruppo
Cultura italiana
Eventi e conferenze
Associazioni e federazioni
Area riservata
         • Risorce pedagogici
         • Spacio lavoro
Professeur de Français
L’école de français
Stages pour professeurs
Cours pour étudiants
Séjour en groupe
La culture française
Colloques et congrès
Associations et fédérations
Espace membre
         • Ressources pédagogiques
         • Coin emploi
Profesor de Español
La escuela
Cursos para profesores
Cursos para estudiantes
Viaje en grupo
Descubrir España
Coloquios y congrios
Espacio miembro
         • Materiales pedagogicos
         • Rincon del empleo
Deutsch lehrer
Fortbildung für Lehrer
Kurse für Studenten
Gruppen Aufenthalte
Wien aufzudecken
Kolloquien und Messen
Vereine & Föderationen
         • Pädagogishe Mittel
         • Stellen Angebote
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